Why order from our shop?
1. Time.
We are still able  to produce dresses in 3-4 months.
Compared to other shops for 6-9 months.

2.  Money
We are still able to sell  European designer dresses for 1200- 1500

3. Alterations 
To minimize alterations, we are still offering made by your measurements service.
Compared to other stores where you need to spend 3 months for alterations.

We’ve designed and produced our very own luxury line “Mila&Mia”! This dress is called Katusha!.

Jordan Hooten

This bridal dress shop is truly made for any size! As a plus size bride, I was skeptical and insecure. I tried on HUNDREDS of dresses with other bridal boutiques. The bridal shop hands down provided the best experience. I tried on ONE DRESS with them and it was THE ONE. I have never felt more beautiful than on my wedding day. I have no doubt they will have your dream dress!!!

If you don’t believe me, here is a sneak peak of our special day wearing their beautiful wedding dress!

It's been one year since I've said I do. February 1st was the most magical day of my life and I felt like a queen because of my beautiful custom dress.

So here's the story- Milenas Bridal followed me on Instagram YEARS before I even got engaged. They liked my posts even when only 5 other people did. But hell.. their marketing worked, because the one and only wedding dress shop I went to was Milenas.

I brought an entourage of characters from the sassy best friend to the grumpy grandma and our stylist handled it with ease. I tried on dresses that everyone picked, probably around 10 dresses. Our stylist was SO patient with a surround sound of input from my guests.

Finally we found the gown. It was originally too full for my liking, but they gladly offered alterations which means they took 2-3 layers of the skirt out of the original design. It was white overlay with a grey underlay that fit well with my age and that it was my second wedding. It was gorgeous. It stunned my entire entourage. Even grumpy granny was beyond pleased.

It took 6 months to make because it was handmade in Italy but worth every moment waiting for it. When I walked down the aisle my husband gasped and our parents cried. It was my moment and I lived it to the fullest.

This style is discontinued but I highly recommend them for any boho unconventional wedding gown. They had everything to fit any ethereal dream.

Thank you Milenas!


We're offering a 20% off discount for standard bridal orders at your first appointment if you say Yes!