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Milena's Bridal is here to let you make the most of your bridal shopping experience. Whether you’re the type that brings a whole group or if you’re just a singular shopper knowing exactly what you want, we do intend on leaving you pleasantly surprised! We would like to keep our atmosphere open and comfortable for you and those that will be accompanying your experience at Milena’s Bridal, look through our array of dresses as you and your group enjoy beverages and tasty snacks. If you need to try on every dress with your appointment or if you know exactly what you want, we’ll be here to guide you in every direction!

Why  order  at  our bridal?

Milena's bridal  can make your dress with your measurements to fit!

Another bridal shop will give you a dress with a regular size close to your measurements,

but imagine if your hips were closer to size 8 and bust more like size 6.

What size should you choose?