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Do I need to schedule an appointment to come and try on dresses? 


Yes, we operate by appointment. Appointments are necessary to visit our locations so we can make sure we have someone there that can assist you. 


How many guests can I bring to the Bridal party?


According to government mandates, we suggest that you keep your Bridal party up to 4 guests + bride for safety purposes. 


Do I need to pay for a Bridal appointment? 


Our bridal appointments are free of charge if you order a dress!


What is the price range of your dresses?


Our price range is 1000-3500 from our inventory that you can order.


What is the size range for in-store samples that are available to try on? 


 Most of our sample gowns run between 2-8 in regular dress sizes, and some A-line and Ballgowns can go up to sizes 12-14. We are able to order dresses in larger or smaller sizes according to the bride's actual measurements. 


What does a custom dress mean, how does it work? 


Our unique designers work in privately-owned, custom production factories. They're able to accept and do much more for our brides than ordinary manufacturers. 

For a slightly higher price, we're able to take custom measurements, slightly modify, remove or extend features in the dress, or even change the colors. Alterations must be done after receiving the dress for a perfect fit.

That's what makes our Boutique special! 


What is a consultation appointment? 


We created an additional service for our lovely brides who are still in the process of finding the ideal style and would love to get more information before bringing their whole party. This is where you can narrow down your selection, feel confident to say Yes to the Dress and keep our "First appointment appreciation discount". 

You are welcome to schedule a 1hr consultation appointment on weekdays for a $20 fee and try on a few dresses to decide without any obligation. 


What is the first appointment appreciation discount? 


We're offering a 20% off discount for standard bridal orders at your first appointment if you say Yes! 


If I need an alteration for my dress when it arrives, do you have a seamstress in-house? 


Alterations are usually done by independent contractors, so we can recommend some great seamstresses in the area of Houston or Dallas who have experience in working with our dresses. 


How much time in advance should I plan before ordering my dress? 


Ideally, we recommend that you come for your appointment to order between 6-12 months before your wedding date. Standard production usually takes 4-5 months. 


My wedding is less than 6 months away, what should I do? 


We do offer rush-order production with some of our designers that can be delivered within 2-3 months with rush-order fees. 

Also, we do have great dresses in our in-store samples sale selection available for purchase "as is" with a 40-50% off discount. 

The samples range from sizes 2-10. 


Why are your sizes very different than other mainstream bridal designers? 


Our unique designers are mainly located in Europe and Eastern Europe. Their size-chart is quite different from the local measuring system, so in order to keep it the most accurate, we convert the sizing to actual regular clothing sizes. 


Why should I consider purchasing my wedding gown from you and not someone else? 


We pledge that:


Milena's Bridal uses the best sources in finding the most unique, high quality dresses around the world! 

Milena’s Bridal specializes in one of a kind wedding dresses, with customization and personal measurements. 

Milena's Bridal offers the best discounts in town with our already low prices. 

Milena's Bridal loves all our brides and offers the most friendly environment while appointments take place. We love children, and offer snacks, candy and beverages! 

And we absolutely offer champagne 🥂 to celebrate the bride's decision of saying Yes to the perfect Dress at Milena's Bridal!

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