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bridal shop in Fort Worth

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Milena's Bridal is here to let you make the most of your bridal shopping experience. Whether you’re the type that brings a whole group or if you’re just a singular shopper knowing exactly what you want, we do intend on leaving you pleasantly surprised! We like to keep our atmosphere open and comfortable for you and those that will be accompanying your experience at Milena’s Bridal, look through our array of dresses as you and your group enjoys beverages and tasty snacks. If you need to try on every dress with multiple appointments or if you know exactly what you want, we’ll be here to guide you in every direction!

Please read "What to Expect" page 

bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth
bridal shop in Fort Worth

                                                    We are able to deliver a tailored wedding dress.

As trendsetters, we can introduce this groundbreaking concept in the bridal industry; the option for brides to have a made-to-measure wedding dress or a dress entirely tailored to her.

With innovative software that gives each dress an instant proper ‘fitting’, choosing a made-to-measure dress means alterations are no longer needed. Your dress will be a unique piece at an affordable price, made with only the best materials.

                                                              Why order at Milena's bridal

Milena's bridal is the only one in Texas that offers European-made, boho dresses.

Milena's bridal is the only one who can make your dress by your measurements to fit! Another bridal shop will give you a dress with a regular size close to your measurements but imagine if your hips are close to size 8 and bust more like size 6.

What size to choose?

Size 6 or 8?

In any case, you will need expensive alterations and an additional 2-3 months of anxiety and stress.

Why is that?

Because those big advertised brands make your dress at huge factories in China and for them, it's just impossible to pay close attention to every need of the customer.

Milena's bridal will make your dress exactly to your measurements for any figure! 

You may change the design of most dresses that you like to your preference!

Plus for FREE! You may order rush production for your dress! You'll get your dress in one month plus shipping.

At Milena's bridal, there are no additional charges!

                                          Ways to elongate your figure when looking for a wedding dress:

When looking for a dress for petite figures many factors can be taken into account to give you the best and most attractive fit. Tricks such as tall hairstyles and a long veil mounted on the crown your head, and, of course, heels of with noticeable heights can be used to add length to your overall look. Armed with our advice, finding a bride's dress will certainly be a joy! 




First of all, brides of small stature should pay attention to the classic A-silhouette, an empire dress or an outfit with a shortened skirt in front, turning into a small train. With the right choice of shade and materials, all these styles are able to perform an illusion that will add a few inches of height. Stylists recommend choosing exclusively fitted, narrow silhouettes that visually “stretch” the entire image.

We don’t recommend a ball gown/princess style dress, as the fullness and volume may drown out the bride. As a wedding dress is meant to complement the bride not overpower her.


 As for the length, there is no need to rush to extremes. Too long or too short of a wedding dresses may not proportionally flatter you. Therefore, the best adviser in this scenario is your reflection in the mirror. A floor-length gown is always a classic and elegant approach. We suggest steering away from a dress that stops short on the leg, as it may visually stunt your look.



 An understanding of the waistline is crucial for the bride. If you want to shine on your wedding day choose a model with a classic emphasis on the waist. It is best to combine the most fitted bodice, perfectly fitting the figure, and a free, flowing skirt.



 Not only do sleeveless wedding dresses look beautiful on, but also three-quarters with sleeves-wings or narrow lace. To create the perfect look, try to avoid wedding dresses with wide or asymmetrical straps. It is worth looking into a V-shaped neckline that lengthens the figure, or opts for a neat “boat” neckline to emphasize your bust.


                                                      8 tips when choosing a wedding dress for your figure:


Choosing a silhouette that emphasizes the beauty of your body and being mindful of what you think looks best on you is your best guideline when dress shopping. This will help you narrow down your choices when in the fitting room. Having a preset understanding of various dress silhouettes will make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable.

But also don’t be afraid to change your mind! Believe or not the majority of brides find their perfect dress by drifting away from what they originally had in mind.


Pettite brides can consider almost all silhouettes of wedding dresses, with the exception of the “mermaid” model. It may overload your figure. Choosing a form-fitting airy dress instead of a magnificent ball gown, for example, will not take away from the beautiful delicate figure of a petite bride.


If you, on the contrary, are tall, and also do not want this to be too striking, choose a strapless wedding dress. A silhouette that combines a different design of the bodice and skirt, as well as made of materials with different textures is ideal.


If your figure is dominated by pear-like features, you should focus on your shoulders, chest, and waist. Bet on an A-line dress with a high or classic waistline, pay attention to dresses decorated with shiny belts and avoid dresses with a generously decorated or lace skirt.

For those with a larger bust, it is best to choose a dress with a built-in corset. Remember that the bodice should fit you perfectly! It’ll not only give you the support you desire but will beautifully emphasize your bust!


Those with the apple-shaped figure should also opt for dresses with a corset or with lacing to give the figure feminine curves and highlight the waistline. Another great secret: a deep V-neckline will visually “stretch” your figure and make you more elongated!


While almost anything looks good on the Hourglass figure, it’s especially complimented by a form-fitting mermaid or trumpet silhouette.


For brides with a smaller bust, a deep V-neckline is always a seductive feature. By the way, this type of neckline is the main trend of this year!


Despite many biases, plus size brides are suitable for almost all types of wedding dresses. If you doubt whether the princess dress can hide the lush hips and whether the tight-fitting sheath dress is too provocative, choose the outfit that will balance your figure.

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