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Milena's Bridal is here to let you make the most of your bridal shopping experience. Whether you’re the type that brings a whole group or if you’re just a singular shopper knowing exactly what you want, we do intend on leaving you pleasantly surprised! We like to keep our atmosphere open and comfortable for you and those that will be accompanying your experience at Milena’s Bridal, look through our array of dresses as you and your group enjoys beverages and tasty snacks. If you need to try on every dress with multiple appointments or if you know exactly what you want, we’ll be here to guide you in every direction!

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                                                We are able to deliver a tailored wedding dress.

As trendsetters, we can introduce this groundbreaking concept in the bridal industry; the option for brides to have a made-to-measure wedding dress or a dress entirely tailored to her.

With innovative software that gives each dress an instant proper ‘fitting’, choosing a made-to-measure dress means alterations are no longer needed. Your dress will be a unique piece at an affordable price, made with only the best materials

Raney Nash

18 reviews・2 photos ★★★★★


 2 days ago

My dress way delivered early and it fit perfect! Most of the dresses aren't any more expensive then David'

Bridal and they are made to fit you personally! I'm so excited for my wedding day.

                                                                    Why order at Milena's bridal?

Milena's bridal is the only one in Texas that offers European-made, boho dresses.

Milena's bridal is the only one who can make your dress by your measurements to fit! Another bridal shop will give you a dress with a regular size close to your measurements but imagine if your hips are close to size 8 and bust more like size 6.

What size to choose?

Size 6 or 8?

In any case, you will need expensive alternations and an additional 2-3 months of anxiety and stress.

Why is that?

Because those big advertised brands make your dress at huge factories in China and for them, it's just impossible to pay close attention to every need of the customer.

Milena's bridal will make your dress exactly to your measurements for any figure! 

You may change the design of most dresses that you like to your preference!

Plus for FREE! You may order rush production for your dress! You'll get your dress in one month plus shipping.

At Milena's bridal there are no additional charges and taxes!

Wedding Trends:

                                                         Deep V-Neck Dresses

One of the main trends of 2019 is a deep V-necklines for bold brides. The main secret of a wedding dress with this type of neckline is that it perfectly emphasizes the bust, regardless of the size, and also visually lengthens the silhouette, giving it sensuality and elegance. A dress made out of thin lace or framed by floral applications looks the most sophisticated with a super-deep neckline.
To look perfect in a low-cut wedding dress, there are 5 simple rules to follow:



When choosing a dress with a seductive neckline, abandoning the abundance of details and décor works in your favor. Crystals, beadwork, and frills in large quantities can take away the stand out and bold look of your dress, a beautiful and high-quality fabric will stand out the best with this dress.

Do not forget that a wedding dress with a V-neck does not tolerate an open back, shorten length, and additional cuts. After all, the wedding image should still be feminine and harmonious, but not tasteless!

When opening the neckline, you should be sure of its impeccable appearance. A  V-neckline should beautifully emphasize the shape of the bust! Choosing the perfect bra that perfectly lifts and supports the breasts is imperative! Also taking care of your chest skin will also do some good. Some exfoliation with your favorite body scrub and moisturizing will go a long way! As a finishing touch on a wedding day, be sure to apply shimmering powder on the exposed chest.



In addition to an ultra-shallow neckline, choose discreet and miniature jewelry. For example, thin chains with pendants the neckline and neat earrings will compliment you and the dress well.


Also, remember that a deep V-neck wedding dress must be worn correctly. Keep your back straight and your head held high, as it’s your time to shine.

                                                          How to choose a wedding dress with an open back?

It's no secret that a wedding dress with an elegant neckline on the back is a terrific option for a significant day. In addition, such a dress will be the best choice for brides who are proud of their posture, slim figure, and a thin, long neck. So that buying a dress with an open back does not become a disappointment, we recommend taking a few simple recommendations! 




Pay enough attention to choosing the size of the wedding dress, even if you are trying on dresses with lace or translucent necklines. If the outfit is a little large, the neckline will “wrinkle” and gather in folds, and the dress itself will slide.  Alternatively, a small dress will present an unpleasant surprise; it may start pulling in the back and give you discomfort. At Milena’s since we measure your form for a custom fit, this issue will be avoided!

Do not fuss about trying to properly evaluate the dress in the mirror. Try to sit down in a dress, raise your hands, walk-in different directions - this way you will determine whether this neckline suits you and how it “behaves”.


The main secret of a beautiful neckline is the right lining. If you have a corseted wedding dress you can do it without a bra! In any other case, give preference to a silicone bra without strapless and a “back”, which is glued to the chest.


 If you suffer from acne or a skin condition, an open back may make you feel less confident, especially when all eyes are on you. However, if this is something that doesn’t bother you, go for it!


During the fitting of a wedding dress with an open back, it is worth considering what hairstyle will not hide the beauty of the dress. Adding back accessories like a string of pearls or a thin chain is also a sophisticated touch. A long sheer and soft veil will also serve you well!

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Looking for your unique bohemian style wedding dress? Stop searching ;-)


Milenas Bridal is a one-stop bridal shop for all brides who desire to enjoy hassle-free wedding shopping and look chic on their day. Preparing for your wedding is obviously a happy thing but can come with quite unimaginable disappointments and stress if the right steps are not taken. How about getting your fitted and custom wedding dress in Houston from a leading brand? 
Milenas Bridal believes that every bride deserves nothing but a perfect wedding dress gotten from stress-free shopping. We go far and beyond to ensure we offer all our clients a fantastic wedding shopping experience. Nothing beats getting what you want with ease – we understand this and ensure this philosophy is manifested in all we do.
One may not be wrong to say that your wedding is the happiest event you can ever celebrate in life. Why not spice it up and make it adventurous in Houston? It all begins with your preparation which includes locating an ideal bridal shop in Houston. Milenas Bridal stands out as your perfect partner when it comes to wedding dress shopping.
We are a bridal team that shares the philosophy of offering only top quality wedding dresses in Houston. We realize that every bride needs to look chic in their dresses on their wedding day without any fear of wardrobe malfunction. Therefore, we take upon ourselves, the supposed stress of our clients to deliver fitted, unique, classy and beautiful wedding dresses, Ranging from Indie to Boho styles; we ensure all our clients get the best of wedding shopping experience.
Milenas Bridal is always bent on sourcing the best designers that have high taste and appeal for fashion. We are a brand that realizes not just the importance wedding but the need to look best. We ensure all our brides get a wedding dress shopping experience they can always remember as one of their greatest stories regarding their wedding. 
Are you out looking for a brand that can offer you just the best wedding dress that fits only you? Don’t fret! Milenas Bridal is your perfect choice. Take off the stress of shopping for wedding dresses in Houston, and let us handle it. We deliver what exceeds your expectation while being in line with the industry standards. We are innovative! We are creative! We make you experience the best of hassle-free bridal shopping activities.


I do REALLY recommend this place! I was searching for Oksana Mukha's gown in the US, I found Milena's bridal and two other bridal stores. I called them and asked to compare the prices. Milena's price was the best. I should mention that Oksana's prices are very reasonable! more than what you think! so as I was in love with the dress (only the picture of it though as I had found it on their website) I took the risk to order the dress without trying it. Luba, at Milena's Bridal, was very nice and patient with me and she helped me give her my sizes to her on the phone, she also double checked everything and paid lots of attention to every each detail. believe me, the day I received my gown, it was like they have tailored it to me! it was just perfect! just like the picture! I do really recommend Oksana's gowns, they are so beautiful and the price is perfect according to the style and quality! I also got my gown on time although other bridal stores have told me that I don't have enough time to order... I do really recommend this bridal store! they are just amazing!

I absolutely ADORED this place it carried a designer that I have yet to find anywhere in Houston! There's nothing like Milenas I promise. Luba was wonderful and made me feel at home. I'm glad my wedding dress is unique from any other wedding dress I've seen in in love and I walked out of there extremely happy.

This boutique was one of only a handful in the US that stocks a Belgian designer I was interested in. I'm having a very casual outdoor wedding in Seattle, and was having the hardest time finding anyone who carried (affordable) modern, boho, sheath, and more non traditional dresses.

Milena's had so many beautiful options in the styles I was looking for (and more), and all the dresses were really great prices! They had a really impressive selection of modern, chic designers. I went to BHLDN the day before and was pretty disappointed with the selection, so it was so great to try so many beautiful dresses at Milena's.
I ended up buying the Rembo Styling dress I had my eye on, and even though that particular sample wasn't in the store, I was able to try on others in the collection and see the fit of their dresses. The owner called a salon in New York to double check the exact materials for the dress I ordered were the same, and was so helpful!

I was very happy with my experience at Milena's Bridal. It's a newer business, but it is one of the few boutiques that carries a very beautiful European designer in the Houston area. The owner is wonderful. She is very responsive and kind. She definitely goes out of her way to get to know you and what you're looking for. My dress came in and fit absolutely perfect. Definitely would recommend this boutique!

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