We are able to deliver a tailored wedding dress.

As trendsetters, we can introduce this groundbreaking concept in the bridal industry; the option for brides to have a made-to-measure wedding dress or a dress entirely tailored to her.

With innovative software that gives each dress an instant proper ‘fitting’, choosing a made-to-measure dress means alterations are no longer needed. Your dress will be a unique piece at an affordable price, made with only the best materials.

We're a one-of-a-kind shop in Texas that makes dresses by the measurements of the bride.

          Alterations must be done after receiving the dress for a perfect fit.

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★★★★★ 2 days ago

My dress was delivered early and it fit perfect! Most of the dresses aren't any more expensive then David's Bridal and they are made to fit you personally! I'm so excited for my wedding day.


Here you may see; where and how your dress made.




                                                                                The dress that is perfect for you

It concerns both the appearance and your inner feeling. First of all, the dress should fit (cut out your strengths and hide flaws) and color should suit (not pale skin, make your eyes brighter). But it is important that the dress reflects your inner state, your character and mood. For example, if you are a fragile and tender girl in the shower, then the dress should be light and airy, possibly with floral decorations or an unobtrusive lace trim. In this case, a strict satin dress is not your option, it will not look cool and emphasize your individuality, no matter how beautiful it may be. The same rule works vice versa. :)

                                                                               The image is harmonious in general

Properly selected accessories, shoes, hairstyle, makeup and bridal bouquet - they must all match and fit into the "big picture". One even super fashionable detail can spoil the whole look, since the general concept of your wedding image would not fit.

                                                                                 Stylish and unique bride,

This is the most important point! After all, being individual, not like everyone else is the basis of style. Even among the classic models of wedding dresses you can find something special and unusual, different from others. Dresses that hang in every second salon of the city, similar to each other, well, it is very difficult to call it stylish, and the image based on them is unique.

                                                          A relevant image within the framework of the wedding concept

The rule of relevance always goes on par with fashion, if you want to look stylish. If you are planning a wedding for hundreds of guests in a luxurious country mansion, then even a perfectly assembled boho-style image will not look cool in this setting. :)


The boho style bride is capricious, bright and bold. She does not tolerate a rigid framework, considers traditional views "obsolete", and most importantly - does not want to be like everyone else. Continue reading on how to create a boho wedding style look that will look original and appropriate. :)

Boho is suitable for couples who relate to life easily and with humor, but are aware of the importance of the wedding. They do not seek to "throw dust in the eyes", but they want to make their holiday bright, unusual and memorable.

The boho or bohemian style (from the French “boheme” —Gypsy) originated in France in the 15th century and was a kind of response to the bourgeois way of life in society. Extravagant and freedom-loving, inspired by the Gypsy nomadic way of life, the bohemian style was born by people of creative professions who rejected generally accepted norms and rules, sought freedom and uniqueness. Boho - diverse and unique, combines hippies, gypsy style, ethnic and vintage elements.

The image of a boho-style bride is always charming and rather extravagant, because the bohemian style combines seemingly incompatible things: lightness and airiness in clothes along with coarse, massive shoes and bright, large vintage decorations.

Boho is a style of accents. It is very important to correctly complement the image and not to overdo it so that it does not turn from unusual to tasteless. Ideal make-up will be nude with an emphasis on the eyes - you can add seductive bright arrows or colored shadows, and lip gloss or neutral lipstick. Hairstyle should be natural, even a little disheveled. Superb flowing curls look great, also volumetric braids or a low sloppy bundle are suitable for a boho image. You can complement the hair with a wreath of flowers, lace bandage or a bulky vintage barrette. In general, accessories play a very important role in the image of a bohemian bride. Decorations can be a lot, they should be visible and unusual. Choose jewelry in gypsy or ethnic style - large plastic earrings, ringing metal or leather bracelets, massive rings, bright beads. The image may contain suede details, fringe, feathers. Do not hold back your imagination and experiment! The main thing is not to overdo it - you need to keep a balance in the details so that all the elements of the image look harmoniously with each other, with the dress and, of course, do not overshadow the bride, but only emphasize her personality and beauty.

Rustic wedding dresses: Rustic is one of the most popular wedding styles lately. If you value home comfort, outdoor recreation, naturalness, and also avoid pomp and pretentiousness - a rustic wedding is definitely for you. We will describe the basics of this style and show examples of rustic wedding dresses.

                                                                     What is the rustic style?

Translated from French, "rustique" means rustic, rural. The main characteristic of the style is refined simplicity; excluded lush decor, gloss and pretentiousness, luxurious elements of stones and rhinestones, draped fabrics, massive floral arrangements.

The basis of the rustic style is natural materials, plant elements (greens, wildflowers, wood, cotton) and natural colors (heavenly, sandy, green, brown). A rustic wedding is planned outdoors, in the forest or on a lake, where wildlife is the main decoration of the wedding venue. A tent, a hangar, a country hotel, a manor, or a restaurant with an appropriate “natural” setting are ideal: the interior can be brick or wood. The main thing - the simplicity and lack of excessive "elegance."

The main features of wedding dresses in the style of rustic Comfort Wedding dress should be as light and comfortable as possible, do not hamper movement. Hard corsets, fluffy skirts with a crinoline and everything that “squeezes” the body or interferes with free movement are excluded. Natural shades: Instead of kipelno-white it is worth choosing a milky shade or ayvor. Pastel colors are used for colored dresses: light beige, powdery, heavenly, gray, lavender.

Simple style: Silhouette of a wedding dress - simple. The ideal options would be a-silhouette, empire, or a straight (free!) Cut. Inappropriate for this style would be too tight-fitting shapes, the silhouette of "fish", multi-layer skirts, frills and the silhouette of "princess". Delicate embroidery: Neat lace, geometric patterns, beadwork or pearls (ideally handmade). Sequins, rhinestones and ruffles, fancy ornaments will be inappropriate.

Flowing fabrics will help create a light and airy image of the bride, perfectly suited to the natural style of rustic. Femininity: Wedding dress should emphasize the natural beauty of the bride, it can not look vulgar or, conversely, too baggy. Rustic bride - delicate, sensual and charming. Ajar back, shallow neckline or lowered shoulders of the dress will perfectly fit into this image.

Popular shades of wedding dresses

Pure white doesn’t go to almost anyone: snow white "blends" with the dress, looks pale and unhealthy, and swarthy girls are white and old, and too much attention is drawn to themselves. Therefore, we recommend choosing a dress with a touch that will accentuate your beauty, and not spoil it. ️ In this article we will tell you about the most popular colors.


Ivory goes well with almost any type of appearance. The main plus - will not make blondes with fair skin "sick", will add a blush and healthy shine. The same goes for girls with olive skin.


The shade of champagne goes well with dark girls: it will emphasize the tan, and the image as a whole will look richer and more luxurious. Also, “champagne” is ideal for red-haired girls, but brunettes with light or olive skin are absolutely contraindicated - a dress in contrast with this appearance will look dirty.


Powdery, so popular lately, is not for everyone. It will not add aristocracy to white-skinned girls, but vice versa. But it is ideal for dark-skinned.

                                                                                                               Milky white

Milky - universal. It is difficult to make a mistake with a dress in this shade. The most winning looks are on fair-skinned brunettes, highlights the eyes and lips.


                                                                                                    Wedding dress silhouettes

Each girl is unique in their own way. That is why there is no exact answer, what type of figure will suit a certain silhouette of the dress. Consultants advise to try on all possible styles in order to find the most beautiful dress of to find the dream dress. :)


A-line: - classic silhouette that fits all without exception! The girl with the forms will adjust the figure, emphasize the waist and correctly round the hips. Miniature - visually add growth due to the concise flowing skirt.


Empire style is suitable for a light summer look. If you choose the right waistline, it will suit any figure and body size, will hide the drawbacks favorably. This silhouette is beneficial to hide the tummy. Choosing an empire style, do not forget about the integrity of the image: hairstyle, makeup, accessories should be combined with the ease of a dress. Instead of veils, it is better to pay attention to the graceful decorations in the hair or flower wreath.

                                                                                                        Straight silhouette

The straight silhouette visually "pulls" the bride, due to its conciseness, allows you to add an open back, long sleeves, decorative elements and interesting combinations. These dresses fit almost any style of wedding. It is worth being neat with a straight wedding dress for brides with a pear and apple type, such dresses assume almost perfect forms, and the extra centimeters on the hips or waist will become treacherously visible.

                                                                                 Mermaid or fish 

The wedding dress mermaid or fish fits the figure to the knee, and below it expands into a skirt. The style assumes an ideal figure and above average height.


                                                                                                  Fluffy dress or "Princess"

Dress "Princess" - magnificent, as a rule, from tulle, densely gathered at the waistline. This dress will look good on any type of figure. Benefits: hides the hips, emphasizes the waist, visually creating a figure in the shape of an hourglass. Ideal for girls with pear type. If the height of the bride is small, it is worthwhile to take the choice of a magnificent dress with special attention, so that the image is not overloaded, and does not look like a “doll on a teapot”. :)

                                                                        Mistakes when choosing a wedding dress

Perhaps every bride wants to be a princess at her own celebration, which is why the choice of a wedding dress is a responsible and difficult task! In pursuit of wedding trends and attempts to conform to other people's ideas about beauty, you can make a lot of mistakes, later disappointed in your own choice. Here we will tell you what you should not do before buying a wedding dress.

                                                                              A lot of people on the fitting

When girlfriends claim that the dress is sitting wonderfully, and mother and sister, that it emphasizes shortcomings and generally “not very” - it’s hard not to get confused and in the end make the right choice. It is more likely that you will be upset and will not choose anything :) Take the fitting 1-2 people, so you will get the most objective view from the outside and at the same time be able to focus on your desires.

                                                                                       Size of wedding dress

Many brides want to lose weight before the wedding and think to buy a dress one size smaller so that there is an incentive to do it. But this is fundamentally wrong! Choose always the size that fits at the moment. In addition, if the dress becomes too big, it is easier to take it away than vice versa.

                                                                           Trying on too expensive dresses

If you have a specific budget for a dress, do not measure models that you can not afford. So, having fallen in love with a dress that you cannot afford, you will compare later with it and get upset that they may not be so beautiful.

                                                                 Obsession with one style 

    Of course,it is good when the bride has a clear idea of what should be the dress, but it is not always possible to find exactly what you came up with. Try on different options, even those that you think are not suitable - perhaps, wearing a completely different model, you will understand that this is the very dream dress!

                                        Secrets of choosing a wedding dress for a pregnant bride:

Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, and Christina Aguilera are just a few people known for being pregnant on their big day! What a joyous occasion!
Read on for 7 recommendations to help you create the perfect look for you as a bride without the unnecessary stress:


Before signing up for a fitting, be sure to call the bridal salon. Make sure to schedule an appointment to guarantee you’ll get one on one time with the consultants. Thoroughly explain your timeline and your situation to ensure you’ll get the very best and personalized experience! 

Choosing the right silhouette is a key thing here. For those brides who want to hide their tummy, the flowing Empire style dress with a slightly oversized waistline, without straps would be an ideal choice. Even better, if you opt for a "heart" neckline, complemented by a layer of translucent material would also give you a flattering figure. It is also advisable to rely on natural materials and avoid an abundance of sparkles and finishes.


Choose a size "for growth". If the purchase of a finished wedding dress can be delayed as close as possible till the wedding date, then when ordering an outfit, it should be kept in mind that sewing takes from three to five months at our bridal shop in Dallas and Houston. Your tummy will grow exponentially and you will need to predict what size you will need. The secret in that is when taking measurements of your body, suggesting folds of thin fabric, whether it be lace, tulle or chiffon, will create a light illusion of airiness. You will need to add 2.5-3 cm for each remaining month of pregnancy from now until the date of your wedding. So you can evaluate the changes in your body and order the appropriate size.


Do not worry if during the last fitting the dress is too tight on you. It is best to buy 1 meter of identical fabric in reserve. Even at the very last minute, professional seamstresses will be able to embroider a wedding dress by at least one size, as well as sew a “snag” panel from the spare fabric on the back in the area of the zipper.


 Most importantly, the wedding image of a pregnant bride should not be intricate and artsy. There is no need for an intricate bridal hairstyle, shiny wraps and a ton of jewelry. Stylist David Zayla, nominated for the Emmy Awards, emphasizes that pregnant brides should consider their tummy as a "small-sized accessory" and not even try to compete with it.

                                               Inspiration: Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

 A long-sleeved bridal dress is perfect for a winter wedding. Sewn from light fabrics, lace or embroidered with crystals, the sleeve will give the bride a special grace and sophistication. Choose a wedding dress with a long sleeve, following a few recommendations:  


Pay attention to the material from which the sleeves are sewn. It should be soft and pleasant to the touch, and in no case should it irritate the skin with "prickly" embroidery or trim. It is also desirable that the fabric does not crumple and is not synthetic; the sleeve of the wedding dress, regardless of its style or material, must be comfortable, not hamper your movements.

 A correctly selected sleeve length allows you to "visually" stretch the silhouette of the bride and even lengthen the arms. Evaluate your look; perhaps you should opt for a slightly shortened sleeve, a three-quarter sleeve, or flared lace cuffs!

when choosing a dress, keep in mind that a long sleeve is best combined with a veil of medium length, and even better - with the so-called "cathedral" veil to the floor.

We have some amazing long-sleeved bridal dresses at our bridal shop in Dallas and Houston. 

                                                             Inspiration: A-line Wedding Dresses

The most versatile choice for brides is an A-line wedding dress. As its name implies, such a wedding outfit resembles the capital letter “A”. The tight-fitting top of the dress, most often lace or with neat satin folds, perfectly emphasizes the waist and bust. A slightly fluffy or smoothly expanding skirt with a layer of delicate tulle or weightless chiffon flatters almost any figure. 

The term A-line (A-silhouette) first appeared in 1955 by Christian Dior, becoming the signature accent of his new-look style. A-line wedding dresses are timeless and classic. Snow-white, ivory, ash gray, pale pink or even black - no matter what shade of the outfit you choose, the A-silhouette will certainly emphasize your waist. 

At Milena's bridal boutique in Dallas and Houston, you may see most A-line dresses around $1300 

                                                         Wedding Trends: Split Dresses

Split Dresses with deep necklines, translucent inserts, a spectacular mini length or bold cutouts in the back - brides can try various tricks to look not only amazing but also seductive on their big day. Another stylish detail of a wedding dress, which brides often overlook, is a high cut that can emphasize the beauty of slender legs, as well as to visually lengthen them. 

 The main secret of such a stunning bride dress is that it should be made of thin, flowing fabrics. The silhouette should seem airy and weightless, so it is important that the outfit does not hamper movement, and the neckline located on the side or in the center is not overly defiant.

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I do REALLY recommend this place! I was searching for Oksana Mukha's gown in the US, I found Milena's bridal and two other bridal stores. I called them and asked to compare the prices. Milena's price was the best. I should mention that Oksana's prices are very reasonable! more than what you think! so as I was in love with the dress (only the picture of it though as I had found it on their website) I took the risk to order the dress without trying it. Luba, at Milena's Bridal, was very nice and patient with me and she helped me give her my sizes to her on the phone, she also double checked everything and paid lots of attention to every each detail. believe me, the day I received my gown, it was like they have tailored it to me! it was just perfect! just like the picture! I do really recommend Oksana's gowns, they are so beautiful and the price is perfect according to the style and quality! I also got my gown on time although other bridal stores have told me that I don't have enough time to order... I do really recommend this bridal store! they are just amazing!

I absolutely ADORED this place it carried a designer that I have yet to find anywhere in Houston! There's nothing like Milenas I promise. Luba was wonderful and made me feel at home. I'm glad my wedding dress is unique from any other wedding dress I've seen in in love and I walked out of there extremely happy.

This boutique was one of only a handful in the US that stocks a Belgian designer I was interested in. I'm having a very casual outdoor wedding in Seattle, and was having the hardest time finding anyone who carried (affordable) modern, boho, sheath, and more non traditional dresses.

Milena's had so many beautiful options in the styles I was looking for (and more), and all the dresses were really great prices! They had a really impressive selection of modern, chic designers. I went to BHLDN the day before and was pretty disappointed with the selection, so it was so great to try so many beautiful dresses at Milena's.
I ended up buying the Rembo Styling dress I had my eye on, and even though that particular sample wasn't in the store, I was able to try on others in the collection and see the fit of their dresses. The owner called a salon in New York to double check the exact materials for the dress I ordered were the same, and was so helpful!

I was very happy with my experience at Milena's Bridal. It's a newer business, but it is one of the few boutiques that carries a very beautiful European designer in the Houston area. The owner is wonderful. She is very responsive and kind. She definitely goes out of her way to get to know you and what you're looking for. My dress came in and fit absolutely perfect. Definitely would recommend this boutique!

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