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Here at Milena's Bridal, we believe that every girl is unique and magical, and we've been brave enough to open small, unique bridal shops to help them express themselves at the most important day of their life.

And YES, it was successful, we gained tremendous appreciation from our brides and we continue to grow.

Thanks, y'all!

We're truly blessed to spend our days surrounded by the most beautiful pieces of fashion and the most remarkable girls, many of whom buy an air ticket for appointments from places like NYC, LA, Canada, and throughout the world. Wow, just wow, thank you!


We feel like we're on a MISSION.

We want to continue to spread your positive impact around us.


That's why we took our business to the next level by using it as an instrument where we are able to spread love in our community.


You say "Yes to the dress" and that "Yes" will be heard by many women and children who need financial help.


From every sold dress, we send money to non-profit organizations that support women and children.

It's your money girls and it's your mission!


We really believe that'll bring positivity and blessings to your future!  

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